suzanne bastien

acting coach & mentor 

A teacher and mentor for todays Film and Television industry. Suzanne takes timeless philosophies and injects them with fresh wisdom, creating new techniques that are current and tailored to the climate we see in cinema today. 


Once considered the commercial queen of Vancouver, this actress is more than a sparkling smile. Since hosting "Zed Candid" for the CBC, Bastien has appeared in over 70 productions including commercials, feature films, TV series and Movie of the Weeks.  With over 25 years of experience under her belt, she made her directorial debut in 2009 landed her with the "Pick of The Fringe" honours for "Under The Mango Tree" which has since travelled all over the world.


Suzanne takes a creative approach when it comes to mentoring Actors and Actresses. She treats the teaching itself, as a true art form. Always bringing something new to each class and coaching session and encouraging her students to do the same! The undeniable passion and love she has for mentoring, gives the actors that work with her the support they require to find their footing in an often hard-to-navigate career. The success shows in her clients achievements! 


Among the At The Creative Space are Alumni such as Melissa Roxburgh, whom Suzanne mentored when Melissa was brand new to the industry. Melissa has gone on to work on large sets (Star Trek: Beyond), Canadian Television (Supernatural, Arrow, Travelers) and most recently has landed a role as a regular on Valor and the series lead in an exciting new pilot yet to be announced! Other Mentees living their dream in LA include Nolan Gerard Funk (Glee, Awkward, Counterpart, Truth or Dare), Charlie Bewley (Twilight, Nashville, Extant, Colony) and Keahu Kahuanui (Teen Wolf, The Originals, Hawaii Five-0).


Since moving to Toronto 5 years ago, Suzanne has built up relationships with local industry professionals. She regularly works with many actors on the hit Family Channel TV show, The Next Step, she has also grown close working partnerships with a some of the cities top Agents and Casting Directors. Her Toronto Mentees are also making their mark in the city, some of her established clients include Lily Gao (Second Jen, Blood and Water), Taveeta Symanowicz (The Next Step, Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments and 12 Monkeys) and most recently Mentee Cory Lipman filmed a supporting role in Gut Instinct starring alongside Josh Hartnett

My Philosophy

My philosophy about being a professional in this business? Study! Like an athlete you need to train every day. Like a ballet dancer you need to go to the barre no matter if you're a prima ballerina or a dancer in the company. It never stops. You have to get better, understanding yourself and how to play your unique instrument. Business sense is equally important. Acting professionally is a business and deserves respect like any other business. Additionally, you need great support. A mentor, a great agent, people around you who are there for you and keep you grounded. The Creative Space was formed out of this philosophy giving actors the tools they need to succeed.


I began coaching 10 years ago as a soul project, helping out Actor friends with their auditions. These were people who knew the value of rehearsal in preparation for a role. After many booking successes, I was inspired to coach professionally. I cannot tell you what an honour it is for me to coach an actor and watch their hard work pay off with successful bookings! It’s so exciting! Now my passion is Professional Mentorship for Actors, which was created for both new and seasoned actors.