audition coaching

& submissions



Audition Coaching

$65 + HST/hr

Includes scene breakdown, compelling character choices, blocking, and costume/grooming guidance.



$75 + HST/hr

Includes in-studio taping, light directing, editing, uploading, and delivery to you and your agent.


"I recommend her class to any artist looking to gain confidence on camera, master their craft, and connect to, or rekindle the fire and passion that lead them to this art form. Where ever you are in your artistic journey, Suzanne can help you achieve greatness."

(Reign, Gut Instinct, Livin' With Ted)

"Suzanne’s ability to see straight into one’s inner artist and pull that artist out from underneath is fascinating. My work as an actor and as a human being has grown stronger, fuller, and more connected to myself and the outside world than ever before."

(Make It Pop, The Next Step, 12 Monkeys)

on-set coaching / preparation

Work with Suzanne in person or remotely to bring the best to your work on set.

On-Set Coaching

*Email Suzanne for rates

Bring Suzanne to set with you to work through your material in real time.

On-Set Preparation

$75 + HST/hr

Work with Suzanne before you go to set in person or via Skype.

Script reading fees may apply.

"Suzanne's ability to analyze text and give direction quickly and clearly make her an invaluable asset to actors at all phases of their careers."

(Continuum, Blue Mountain State)

"Suzanne is one of the few people I have met in my 25 year career that can always key in to the right part of me that will make my audition stand out and get me on the shortlist, if not booked."

 (Supernatural, Bates Motel, Travelers)
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