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Engage with your craft at an ever deepening level

the successful actor's technique

all levels
$480 + HST 
Special Winter Lock Down Price: $410 + HST

This class is designed to deepen the technical and creative craft of acting through exercises, practice, and experimentation. 


You'll sharpen your instincts for character development by learning a new technique to create compelling characters and scenes, at the same time freeing you up to be present when transferring your work to the camera. This is a dense, unique class with a fresh perspective; incorporating craft, the business, and helping you find clarity in your creative voice. Your bookable “hits" will also be explored while you become crystal clear about why you are compelled to be part of this wonderful profession.

This class format include scene work (you will receive new sides every class with a real life timeline you receive when auditioning), redirection and some self-tape instruction.

New cycle of Virtual classes begin on: 
Saturday, February 27th, 2021
@ 12:00pm - 5:00ish pm
4 week cycle

"You can train and learn your lines until the cows come home, and you should - but the beauty of Suzanne's training is that she also prepares you for the mental game that can ultimately make or break your work depending on how you roll with the punches."

(Workin' Moms, Murdoch Mysteries, Accidentals)

meta class

intermediate series
$475 + HST 

Crafted and curated by Suzanne for actors who have been training with her and are in the position to raise their craft and learning to a whole new level! Meta is inspired by Metamorphosis, the transcendent journey to new versions of your creative self. You are ready to achieve new levels of emotional depth, to bring that extra glimmer of life to your characters, sharpen your instincts, and reveal new truths!


In Meta Class you will have the opportunity to work with the latest material from award winning film and television in order to deepen your emotional well and bring vibrancy and urgency into your performances. Every week, work with juicy new sides and characters that will push you to achieve your best.

This is a preparation class for the advanced T.O.F. The class format includes acting exercises and on-camera scene work with redirection and review.

New cycle of classes begin on: 
4 week cycle

"She has stunning ways of revealing your magic. I'd never thought I could put so much trust in an acting coach.”

(Second Jen, Blood and Water, Kin)

tuesdays on film

advanced series
$590.00 + HST

This is a 5 week on camera scene study class for those who have been through Meta Class or have done a few cycles of "The Intensive". In this class you will play with other developed actors and work with exciting material, with a focus on emotional accessibility. Actors will get to the heart of their craft and challenge their personal and creative boundaries. Many breakthroughs happen here. Actors in this class will get very challenging material and will explore more advanced acting techniques designed to prepare you for on set work. 

This class format includes partner work and on-camera scene work with redirection and review.

New cycle of classes begin on: 
5 week cycle

"She will work you to the bone, but you'll leave prepared for the big bad world. You'll always leave a more confident & intelligent actor."

(Murdered and Motives: Cracking the Case, Once a Tree: Take Me))
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